Kardiološka ambulanta Vasacor (gr. vasa - žile, lat. cor - srce) je del javne zdravstvene mreže s koncesijo MZ od leta 2007. Vodi jo Franci Cesar, dr. med., spec. kardiologije in vaskularne medicine in spec. interne medicine.

The Vasacor specialist cardiology clinic (vasa, gr .: veins; cor, lat .: heart) was established with a concession in 2007. It is run by cardiologist and internist Franci Cesar, dr. med., specialist in cardiology, vascular medicine and internal medicine. Preventive cardiology is our basic mission. With us, you can perform a cardiological examination, ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography) and blood vessels (echosonography), CEM (cycloergometry) and holter monitoring of ECG and blood pressure on a referral from ZZZS.

We perform a self-payer examinations or managerial review to varying degrees (temporarly not available).

The cardiology clinic is located in the natural environment of Topolšica within the spa complex, 10 km NW of the town of Velenje.